Generative dance images

How can we represent dance in an alternative form? 

The journey began with a happy accident. Last year I went to Kate Ware’s performance “Unstruck”.  “Unstruck” explores in movement and sound a process of live formation, like stones in a river, or sound through a tunnel. It is about energy and physical exchange. The piece was shown in conjunction with another exhibition Clifford Ross: “Water | Waves | Wood”.  I was fascinated by the performance and tried some exploration to remix the picture and movement. The result was just surprising.   


  1. Style transfer based on deep learning:

These works are implementations of “A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style” by L. Gatys, A. Ecker, and M. Bethge in August 2015, a method for transferring the artistic style of one input image onto another using convolutional neural network. 

  • Unstruck by Kate Weare: (keyword: wave, energy)


Original content image from the screenshot of documentation video from Unstruck, and style images from the exhibition Clifford Ross: Water | Waves | Wood: 


A more dynamic gif version:



Other explorations:

  • Folding by Shenwei dance arts: (keyword: fold)

sample_4sample_1 sample_2 sample_3 sample_5

Original content image and style image:


  • Folding by Shenwei dance arts: (keyword: fold)

folding_2_green folding_2_red

Original content image and style image:



  • Folding by Shenwei dance arts: (keyword: fold)


Original content image and style image:



2. Photo Mosaic based on keywords image search 

I integrated the mosaic algorithm here with google image custom search. The keywords are crawled from the different websites about each piece, currently I’m not able to tell the accuracy about these keywords.

  • Folding by Shenwei dance arts: (keywords: flesh, fold, shenwei, fabric, paper etc.)

folding_1 folding_3folding_0

Keyword: Cultural specificity, deviously beautiful, giggly young women, jagged path, drug addiction, intervention

Number of division: 21

Original :

  • Gif version of Tool is Loot, playing with different resolution and keywords:


Keywords: unnecessarily heavy eye, disingenuously anti-classical way, problematic new works, special guest stars

Number of devides: 47

47__The Bright Stream__0__ unnecessarily heavy eye__disingenuously anti-classical way__problematic new works__special guest stars

Original :

Keywords: male Season fairies,tense dramatic action,sublime ballerina type

Number of devides: 42


There are many more mosaics you can see here:  They are made collectively by the users of my thesis restage.

My thesis is about meta data/meta media crawling for dance and generation of the photo mosaic. You are welcome to see this post and try the demo


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