Echoing during COVID-19 in motion. DATE:  Nov, 2020 SPONSORSHIP: Jacksonville Dance Theater HERE & NOW program DURATI

Structural White – Dance Site Specific Improvisation @ WTC Oculus

At the One World Trade Center, people walk back and forth, following similar paths. Everything is under routines. Here space i

Googie – An art ificial ** speaker

Googie is an experimental futuristic dance piece we created as a reflection of human-computer conversation. As AI arrives and

Generative dance images

How can we represent dance in an alternative form?  The journey began with a happy accident. Last year I went to Kate Ware

ReStage - Reexperience the Internet Dance How a computer seeks, interprets internet dance information and represents them as an artistic fo

[Computational Choreography] Choreo3D

This project is one of the projects developed in a 5-day Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) NYC 2015 Aug, and further refined tho

[Digital Performance] Space Roam

DATE:  April – May, 2015 TOOLKITS: MaxMsp, Nodejs, Threejs COLLABORATORS:  Bing Huang, Rubin Huang PERFORMANCE / EX

[Digital Performance] The Wind

  Digital dance performance with a moving voile installation. It is about the wind. DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DU

回应《不堪比较的“中美舞林争霸赛” 》

昨晚从微信一个舞蹈公共号上看到一篇叫《不堪比较的“中美舞林争霸赛” 》的文章,作者是

[Digital Performance] Wolf Totem

Recently I have been reading the book Digital Performance especially about virtual body and digital double. So I started thin