Echoing during COVID-19 in motion. DATE:  Nov, 2020 SPONSORSHIP: Jacksonville Dance Theater HERE & NOW program DURATI

Knock Knock

Two Alexas, proxies for human assistants, entertain each other in a cryptographic guessing game that exceeds both human intell

2018 midterm election interactive map

URL: DATE:  Nov, 2018 DURATION: 2 month TOOLKITS:  React, D3.js

Abstract Painting on Jewelry

Experimentation on jewelry. Material: watercolor, sparkles, nail polish on mother of pearl DATE: 03.2019 – 04.2019

How would humans shop with AR and voice?

Explore future applications that empower shopping experience with AR and voice. This is a company Hackday application that I d

Structural White – Dance Site Specific Improvisation @ WTC Oculus

At the One World Trade Center, people walk back and forth, following similar paths. Everything is under routines. Here space i

Googie – An art ificial ** speaker

Googie is an experimental futuristic dance piece we created as a reflection of human-computer conversation. As AI arrives and

Snail’s Prance

Snail and Spiral, still in space.Subconsciously squeeze out every ounce of chaotic energy. INDEPENDENT FILM(Individual) MUSIC

Generative dance images

How can we represent dance in an alternative form?  The journey began with a happy accident. Last year I went to Kate Ware

ReStage - Reexperience the Internet Dance How a computer seeks, interprets internet dance information and represents them as an artistic fo

[Interactive Screen] #thisisreal

Real-time web-based canvas drawing simulation. This project was presented on the Viacom billboard at 1515 Broadway at 44th str

Online Stereotype – A Chrome Extension for the Skewed Google Image Search

DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DURATION: 2 weeks TOOLKITS:  Vanilla Javascript FINISHED BY:  Me COLLABORATOR:  Matth

[Computational Choreography] Choreo3D

This project is one of the projects developed in a 5-day Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) NYC 2015 Aug, and further refined tho

[Creative Web/Mobile] Stream

[Digital Performance] Space Roam

DATE:  April – May, 2015 TOOLKITS: MaxMsp, Nodejs, Threejs COLLABORATORS:  Bing Huang, Rubin Huang PERFORMANCE / EX

[Digital Performance] The Wind

  Digital dance performance with a moving voile installation. It is about the wind. DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DU

回应《不堪比较的“中美舞林争霸赛” 》

昨晚从微信一个舞蹈公共号上看到一篇叫《不堪比较的“中美舞林争霸赛” 》的文章,作者是

[Digital Performance] Wolf Totem

Recently I have been reading the book Digital Performance especially about virtual body and digital double. So I started thin

[Computational Media] Grass Hunt

A cool way to learn algorithms! A hunting game that visualizes results of different methods of walking. ScreenShots: Rest and

[Game]PickyAd – Pick Out Product Placements

DATE:  December, 2014 DURATION: 1 month TOOLKITS:  Vanilla Javascript, Html & CSS, AWS, PHP

[Game] Space Escape

Space Escape is a two-player shooting game. One player controls the escaping plane with a joystick, the other controls the 4 s

[3D animation]Encounter Lotus

[Mobile] Official app of movie Motorway