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Echoing during COVID-19 in motion. DATE:  Nov, 2020 SPONSORSHIP: Jacksonville Dance Theater HERE & NOW program DURATI

Abstract Painting on Jewelry

Experimentation on jewelry. Material: watercolor, sparkles, nail polish on mother of pearl DATE: 03.2019 – 04.2019

How would humans shop with AR and voice?

Explore future applications that empower shopping experience with AR and voice. This is a company Hackday application that I d

Structural White – Dance Site Specific Improvisation @ WTC Oculus

At the One World Trade Center, people walk back and forth, following similar paths. Everything is under routines. Here space i

Online Stereotype – A Chrome Extension for the Skewed Google Image Search

DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DURATION: 2 weeks TOOLKITS:  Vanilla Javascript FINISHED BY:  Me COLLABORATOR:  Matth

[Creative Web/Mobile] Stream

[Digital Performance] The Wind

  Digital dance performance with a moving voile installation. It is about the wind. DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DU

[Digital Performance] Wolf Totem

Recently I have been reading the book Digital Performance especially about virtual body and digital double. So I started thin

[Computational Media] Grass Hunt

A cool way to learn algorithms! A hunting game that visualizes results of different methods of walking. ScreenShots: Rest and

[Game]PickyAd – Pick Out Product Placements

DATE:  December, 2014 DURATION: 1 month TOOLKITS:  Vanilla Javascript, Html & CSS, AWS, PHP

[Game] Space Escape

Space Escape is a two-player shooting game. One player controls the escaping plane with a joystick, the other controls the 4 s

[3D animation]Encounter Lotus

[Mobile] Official app of movie Motorway