[Digital Performance] Wolf Totom

Recently I have been reading the book Digital Performance especially about virtual body and digital double. So I started thinking what the experience would be like if my body is controlled by someone others; what if my body are not human body, but something others, like an animal, let’s say wolf; what if I have double bodies and minds, by this I mean different realities are united in one being. It reminds of some of the Chinese ethnic sorcery culture. So I came up with this idea.

Most Chinese dance types don’t discuss the relationship of human being, mind and body. But a rare dance type appeared in the TV show Chinese Good Dance last year, Myosung (描声 literally translated as “drawing sound” ), is different from the Chinese main stream dances. Its origin is Korea with strong Asian culture. The piece by Qianqian and Xu Mengxuan has lots of Myosung elements and it gave me many inspirations.

The music Wolf Totom is by Haya Band. Sheng Quan, the leader of the band HAYA,  is the first person in the world to play Matouqin(horse-headed fiddles), a kind of Mongolian instrument, in The Gloden Hall of Vienna.

I used some semiotical symbols in these piece: Totom, drum, fire and wolf. The first half shows a person in modern life is suddenly shocked by a wizard power and turn into a wolf in another world. The second shows the controlled wizard.

BTW, inccidently, a film with the same name Wolf Totom recently is released in china.



The second part originally should be performed by my partner, Hongyu Guo. She got a sudden fever that evening. I was informed of this just 15 mins before the show. So I could only do improvisation with her part.


first official Max Msp patch..