Not a portfolio site, just a partial collection of what I did in the past.

Hey, welcome to Stream’s site! This belongs to a product manager🎩🗣️, software engineer👩‍💻, creative technologist💡🔮, and dancer💃🩰.

I received my master from the Interactive Telecommunications Program(ITP) of NYU Tisch School. Currently, I work at Meta as a product manager

In my spare time, I credit myself as a creative technologist and media artist. I have been creatively researching new forms of storytelling through projects that experiment with a broad range of technology and media. My experiments cover data visualization, web crawling, data mining, virtual assistant, live communication, computational media, XR, live performance and theater, etc. My projects were shown in Google Experiments in Storytelling Showcase, NYC Media Lab Summit, Time Square big screens, SF Counter Pulse, Banff Center, etc.

My interests cover various areas but especially in dance. I was trained as a Chinese classic and folk dancer since a kid and switched to contemporary dance after I came to the US. As a dancer, I hold multiple national dance awards and a 10th Level(the highest) Certificate in Chinese classic dance. I’ve performed in many places include CCTV-3, Chinese National Stadium, 6th Wuzhen International Theater Festival, SF Asian Museum and etc.


Photo by: Maya Mosh

Hello, 欢迎来到小溪的小站。


小溪毕业于纽约大学Tisch School of the Arts学院下Interactive Telecommunications Program的研究生毕业。现在在Meta做产品经理。