Snail’s Prance

Snail and Spiral, still in space.
Subconsciously squeeze out every ounce of chaotic energy.



AWARDS:  IndieFEST May 2019 Experimental;  Best Song – Award of Prestige & Best Music Video – Award of Honorable Mention, Vegas Movie Awards October 2019.

07.2019 @ STIFF: Seattle Transmedia & Independent Film Festival
12.07.2017 @ Five Town College Performing Arts Center, Dix Hills, NY 11746.
with live music by Soo Han and dance by Hyung(Heidi) Ji Yu and Xiang Xu

What began as a curious observation of snail, evolved into a deepening fascination that resulted in this meditative piece of motion, rotation and time. 

I invite you to appreciate the beauty of this exquisite creature and immerse yourself in its hypnotic, spiral dance as it traverses its man made and natural landscapes.


I moved to Bay Area in Nov 2016 from New York. Thus began the tough journey of surviving from the countryside for me, a self-identified urban being.

While realizing that south bay is such a sad area, especially Sunnyvale where I was living, I developed some weird habits by accident. One is for snails. It is a kind of gastropod mollusks or thing, that is not easy to be discovered in the cities. I grew up in China, where the snails are as tiny as fingertips. So when I first time saw a snail on the sideway in Sunnyvale, I was amazed.

By somehow I developed this weird habit of recording snails moving. All kinds, in the morning, at night, in the grass, on the street, on the hills, moving upwards, leftwards, rightwards, one crawling, two together with one carrying another on the shell, three in a row, and I even got some footage of snails mating ……

My old friend Soo Han, a great composer, contacted me about a project collaboration. She made some sample music as an inspiration and arbitrary interpretation of Dali’s famous painting: The Persistence of Memory. And I felt that those snails footage could be a perfect match for it.

Adding my personal experience into the work, I basically put whatever I can associate with into this video. Snail, rotation, linear, circle, time, space, reality, unconsciousness, illusion, loneliness, surreal, desire … All here maybe.