For Fun

Googie – An art ificial ** speaker

Googie is an experimental futuristic dance piece we created as a reflection of human-computer conversation. As AI arrives and

Structural White – Dance Site Specific Improvisation @ One World Trade Center Oculus

People come and leave, follow similar paths, at the one world trade center. Everything is under a routine, every day every sec

Snail’s Prance

Snail and Spiral, still in space. Subconsciously squeeze out every ounce of chaotic energy. MUSIC & COMPOSITION: Soo Han

Online Stereotype: A Chrome Extension for the Skewed Google Image Search

DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DURATION: 2 weeks TOOLKITS:  Vanilla Javascript FINISHED BY:  Me COLLABORATOR:  Matth

[Creative Web/Mobile] Stream

My name is Stream Gao. I love Chinese culture and my name which is why I create the piece. The background music is a very fa

[Wearable] LeAirf: Air Quality Detection Necklace

A wearable necklace indoor air quality detector with a mobile display app.  Keywords necklace, wearable, BLE, bluetooth, air

[Digital Performance] The Wind

  Digital dance performance with a moving voile installation. It is about the wind. DATE:  November, 2015 DEVELOPMENT DU

[Digital Performance] Wolf Totom

Recently I have been reading the book Digital Performance especially about virtual body and digital double. So I started thi

Grass Hunt

A Cool Explanation about The Levy flight: “An animal that forages will hang out in a small area, looking for nuts or ber

[Physical Computing] Mindful Lamp

  Part 1.   Overview Mindful Lamp reads your emotions through daily Facebook feeds, then reacts to them by changing its

[Game]PickyAd: Pick Out Product Placements

Currently I only have one project running at AWS, it costs money(RDS).  Before I have time to switch to cheeper solution. Ple

[Game] Space Escape

Space Escape is a two-player shooting game. One player controls the escaping plane with a joystick, the other controls the 4 s