[Interactive Screen] #thisisreal

Real-time web-based canvas drawing simulation.

This project was presented on the Viacom billboard at 1515 Broadway at 44th street in Times Square on January 29th. It is one of the five Outrage Machine Projects, which aimed at interrogating social outrage issues with screen-based interactive design and storytelling method.

Please go there and take a look: http://thisisreal.me:3000/

DATE:  Oct 2015 – Jan 2016

EXHIBITION:  2016 @ Time Square billboards

TOOLKITS:  Nodejs, Socket.io

COLLABORATORS:  Maya Moosh(graphic designer), Luke Kao(promotion web builder)

BIG THANKS:  Yurika Mulase(photoshopper), Pat Shiu(photoshopper)


I recently am interested in the gesture of wiping. Especially when combined with screen and image, you will always curious about what would be the next layer of screen image which will encourage you the wipe and reveal the hidden layer.

#Thisisreal description from my collaborator Maya:

“We live in an era where image manipulation has become ubiquitous, expected, and natural. We see it on ads everywhere and integrate it into our own photos via Instagram and other social platforms. However, the effects of excessive retouching are detrimental to our psychology. ‘This Is Real’ is a project that criticizes how the beauty standards today are unrealistic, unachievable, and unacceptable. Through an interactive screen-based installation users will be able to wipe away the retouched layers quantifying how much work goes into taking a naturally beautiful person and completely tweaking them to create an idealized image. We are the photoshop generation and know that these photos are tweaked heavily; we shouldn’t be exposed to excessive lies that ultimately impact our self-esteem, expectations, and judgment. It’s time to create a new standard of beauty.”

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