Welcome to Stream’s site!

I am a front end engineer, creative technologist, storyteller and dancer.

I received my BE in Digital Media Art in Beijing Forestry University(2014). I am a recent graduate student from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Currently I work at Yahoo! as a front end engineer.  Before coming to the United States, I interned at Youku as an Android developer. I was also running PickMe(founder), a startup in China, campus transaction platform.

I have been creatively researching new forms of storytelling through projects that experiment with emerging technology. Generally, I develop with Python, JavaScript, PHP, Node.js, Django and more. I experiment with data visualization, web crawling, data mining/analytics, machine learning, live streaming, computational media and more. I care for design and end users as well. Adobe series are my favorite toolkits: Photoshop, Illustrator also Edge Animation, After Effect, Premiere, Audition etc.

My interests cover various areas but especially in dance. As a dancer, I have both organized and participated in lots of  large-scale performances in China include those in CCTV-3, National Stadium and etc.


Photo by: Maya Mosh


Hello, 欢迎来到我的小站。


我于2014年从北京林业大学数字媒体艺术系取得工学学士学位,最近刚从纽约大学Tisch School of the Arts学院下Interactive Telecommunications Program的研究生毕业。现在在雅虎做前端工程师。