When Dancing


  • Dec 2008. 10th Level Certificate in Chinese classic dance (the highest level).
  • Dec 2008. Gold prize of solo Chinese classical dance in National Excellence in both Performing Skills and Moral Integrity.
  • Nov 2010. 1st prize in Beijing Undergraduate Art Performance Challenge – Dance.
  • Jun 2013.   Most Popular Award in National Undergraduate Jewelry Exhibition and Model Contest.
  • Oct 2016.   Model at Couture Fashion Week, New York.
  • Dec 2016.   2nd Runner-up and best versatile award in USA Miss Asia China final.    
  • Oct 2018.   Dance at 6th Wuzhen International  Theater Festival (site-specific improvisation at Carnival).
  • 2008.12    中国舞十级证书(最高级别)
  • 2008.12    第四届全国德艺双馨文艺展示活动 舞蹈类独舞少年A组金奖
  • 2010.10    第二届北京市大学生文艺展演舞蹈类B组一等奖
  • 2013.06    第十届全国大学生珠宝文化节模特大赛最佳人气奖
  • 2016.10    纽约Couture时装周模特
  • 2016.12    2016美国亚洲小姐总决赛季军 最佳才艺奖  加州赛区冠军
  • 2018.10    入选第六届乌镇戏剧节古镇嘉年华(舞蹈音乐环境即兴)



I switched to modern & contemporary dance after I moved to New York. It opens a new window for me to look at dance, think about the underneath meaning of movement, and the relationship between movement, body, and life.

I have been working on some projects about digital dance performance and programmable choreography,  exploring the relationship between technology and dance. Check my current work here: http://www.streamgao.com/?cat=4