[Creative Web/Mobile] Collaborative Rainbow: a Colorful World

DATE:  October, 2015

DURATION: 2 weeks

TOOLKITS:  Nodejs, WebRTC, Socket.io




I’m interested in the psychology behind categorizing people. If people tag themselves into a certain group, what strong the feeling of belonging to the group is and how eager they are to beat the other groups.

So firstly I’ll change the color categories into something different like ethnic group, nationality, occupation, favorite stars, preferred movies etc.  The width of rainbow would change based on the number of people in the category. Then behind the colorful rainbow I would like to give chance of showing their selfies(camera) in order to enhance the motivation of participation.

But I still want to make it clear that, no matter how many groups of people in the world. It is the difference that make the world colorful and beautiful.



github address: https://github.com/streamgao/networkprojects/tree/master/smallworks/rainbow